Bankruptcy Creditor Rights

Often, individuals and small business receive notice that someone who owes them money has filed for bankruptcy relief.  Large corporations employ attorneys and bankruptcy specialists to protect creditor rights in bankruptcy.  However, individuals and small business often do not know their rights in bankruptcy, whether they will be able to collect their debt, or what actions can result in them being sued by the debtor.

Mr. Rose offers bankruptcy litigation and appellate services for both debtors and creditors.  Because of Mr. Rose’s regular debtor representation, he cannot handle large creditor accounts.  However, Mr. Rose offers creditor representation on a case-by-case basis for individual creditors and small businesses.  His years of litigation and appellate experience make him an excellent choice for creditors needing to object to discharge, participate in plan confirmation, or seek relief from the automatic stay.

Mr. Rose also offers litigation services for debtors whose primary bankruptcy attorney cannot handle adversary proceedings or appeals for one reason or another.   Find out why other bankruptcy lawyers choose to refer their litigation and appeals to Michael Rose.

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