Bankruptcy Resource Links

Legal Information Institute
This page is maintained by the Cornell University Law School. The page provides general information on legal topics including bankruptcy.

American Bankruptcy Institute
This link is dedicated to bankruptcy issues. A reader could find both general and detailed information.

American Bar Association
This page is maintained by the American Bar Association. It provides general information on a variety of legal subjects.

Free information on all aspects of bankruptcy.

Free information and subscriber only information on bankruptcy. Includes both detailed and general legal information.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
This site is maintained but the U.S. government and is primarily focused on securities regulation. There is some information about bankruptcy and its relationship to securities trading.

United States Courts/Federal Judiciary
U.S. government website that contains forms, court information, jurisdiction information and links.

America’s Bankruptcy Courts
General information about bankruptcy proceedings. Written for non-experts.

InterNet Bankruptcy Library
General resource for bankruptcy questions. Includes information on international issues regarding bankruptcy.

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